IRD Mechanalysis Limited is a provider of Vibration Based Condition Monitoring Solutions to the World. It has been in existence since 1955 and was founded by Mr. Glen H Thomas in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Popularly known as ‘IRD’ and ‘The Vibration People’ – it has provided its products and services to numerous process plants and industries around the world. The name ‘IRD’ originally stood for ‘International Research & Development’, but, with time, its condensed form ‘IRD’ became more popular. Today, IRD Mechanalysis is headquarted in Mumbai, India and has branches, dealers, re-sellers and agents around the world.

IRD Mechanalysis manufactures its vibration based condition monitoring products (that include vibration meters, vibration analysers, protection monitors, protection transmitters and vibration sensors) in India. IRD is capable of providing vibration monitoring systems and condition monitoring systems for different applications in different industry sectors. The products manufactured by IRD include:

  • Vibration Meters – Analog & Digital
  • Vibration Analysers
  • Vibration Monitoring System – Protection Monitors and Transmitters
  • Vibration Sensors

IRD also provides associated services in the field of condition monitoring. IRD has a team of trained and experienced service engineers and professionals who can attend to different condition monitoring needs and provide assistance. The services provided by IRD include:

  • Training on Vibration Analysis, Condition Monitoring and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Consulting Services
    • Vibration Measurement, Analysis & Diagnosis
    • In-situ Dynamic Balancing
  • Annual Maintenance service through Annual Maintenance Contracts of Condition Monitoring
  • On-site Commissioning Services (for IRD made instruments and systems)
  • Repairs, Calibration & Exchanges

IRD believes that Support is critical to a user’s experience and thus it  has a Service Center in Mumbai and Service Partners around the world who can attend to your servicing requirements. The Service Centers are well equipped to provide repair, calibration and exchange services. The Service Center can be contacted at