The IRD Mechanalysis model IRD811 plays a dual role in machinery maintenance: – It is used for periodic vibration checks for unbalance, misalignment, looseness, etc. With an industry standard high frequency detection circuit, it pinpoints incipient bearing and gear deterioration. Professional vibration analysts prefer the IRD811 as the analog meter indicates more than a just a digital value, vibration hunting, rubs, cavitation etc. can be observed. Used with the optional Fish Tail, absolute shaft measurements are possible.

Its solid-state circuitry provides wide dynamic range and long battery life. From precision bearing inspection to plant-wide maintenance, the IRD811 has the sensitivity for measuring fractions of a micrometer to 3000 micrometers with 8 easy to read overlapping ranges.

The IRD811 also includes the widely acclaimed IRD Spike EnergyTM (gSETM) circuit. The broadband measurement of gSE units has proved to have the advantage of simplicity and earlier warning of bearing and gear defects.

By detecting and measuring “bursts” of Spike Energy at ultrasonic frequencies, bearing defects such as micro spalls, cracks and lack of lubrication can be quickly identified.

Technical Data Sheet