IRD Mechanalysis understands the importance of protecting and looking after your plant equipment and critical assets. Thus, we manufacture very high-reliability and high-quality on-line monitoring systems that help you protect and look after your equipment easily.

We have a variety of on-line monitoring systems that can monitor machine vibration, speed, temperature, differential expansion, axial thrust and several other parameters. We have a system and solution ready to meet every budget and are quite affordable.

Our on-line monitoring systems are backed up by the strong support made available by our Service department that offer repair & calibration support, commissioning services and expert advice to help you avoid any hassles in running your plant efficiently and smoothly. Scroll down to look at the various options that we have in offer for you. Feel free to contact us to get a system tailor made to your requirement.

IRD8800 - API 670 Compliant Machinery Protection Monitor
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The IRD Mechanalysis model IRD8800 high integrity multi-channel machinery protection monitor is microprocessor based and programmable. Supplied in a standard 19” Rack, it is panel mounted for general vibration measurement and turbine supervisory instrumentation. The IRD8800 series is a family of monitors designed to meet API670 specification Edition 4 for power, petrochemical, oil and gas and other industries requiring protection of its strategic rotating machinery.

The model IRD8800 evolved from 20 years of success with local and international installations. Its design and build quality offers the highest reliability, flexibility, ease of use as well a wide range of communication options. Derived from earlier generations of monitors, based on the proven IRD® architecture with state of the art signal processing, the IRD8800 gives outstanding Customer Value. It is a low-risk solution from ‘The Vibration People’ of India who listen to industry’s needs.

All IRD8800 modules come with a two-year warranty as standard. Since this product is not reliant on customised outsourced components, obsolescence is minimised, thus guaranteed support is likely for at least 20 years.

IRD7100 - Machinery Protection & Signal Transmitters

The model IRD7100 series are available as Single / Dual or Four channel Machinery Protection Transmitter in a variety of configurations. They are a cost effective solution for measuring up to four vibration points simultaneously in a rugged industrial environment. The transmitter converts rotating machinery vibration measurements into industry standard 4-20mA or 0-5Volt. Signal data can be transmitted to the Central Control Room or DCS for trending or is available for separate or integrated local display in the transmitter. These high integrity machinery vibration protection transmitters are proven throughout industry providing warning and trip signals suitable for rotating machines such as: ID, FD, PA Fans, Mill Motors, Boiler Feed Pumps, Blowers, Compressors etc.

The IRD7100 series can be installed near to the machinery measurement point thus reducing the length of sensor signal cables. Low cost standard instrumentation cabling suitable for 4-20mA signal can be used with IRD7100. Enclosure options are aluminium die-cast powder coated or polycarbonate certified to IP65. The units can come with digital displays and Time Wave Form buffered output BNC sockets for on-site FFT analysis.

IRD Machinery Protection Transmitters measure any one of three vibration parameters depending on the sensor selected. Below is a self selection part number chart to enable the user to customise the transmitter to any machinery vibration application. At the time of placing the order, the client must specify the required scale and range or listed part number since the unit is calibrated to Traceable National Standards before despatch.

Technical Data Sheet
IRD7400 - Loop Powered Vibration Transmitters
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IRD7400 – Loop Powered Vibration Transmitter are vibration transmitters that derive power from the DCS and provide 4-20mA output corresponding to vibration on the same pair of wires. These transmitters can be field or panel mounted and can come in both poly-carbonate and aluminium die cast enclosures. The architecture of most control and instrumentation systems employs the standard 4-20mA signal from prime sensors and transmitters. The DCS (Distributed Control System) is the heart of the plant control system where loop power is widely understood and economic. Monitoring rotating machinery vibrations requires the AC signal to be converted to 4 20mA DC for interfacing to the DCS. Lower priority and multi-line machinery often does not require automated trip facilities so an economic signalling solution is more appropriate. In response to this need, IRD Mechanalysis developed the highly flexible model IRD7400 single channel Loop Powered Transmitter. DIN rail mounted and available in a variety of configurations, it is installed in local or marshalling cabinets, IP65 or explosion proof enclosures as required. A key feature of model IRD7400 is that the raw buffered signal is available for detailed FFT analysis or even a Diagnostic On-Line System. The IRD7400 will interface with most accelerometers or inductive velocity sensors enabling easy calibration for ISO9000 compliance. The system offers greater value than the more expensive inflexible loop powered accelerometer. PLCs or the DCS can be configured for desired warning and trip annunciation. A flexible solution for the Control and Instrumentation Engineer and plant use.

Features of the IRD7400 LPT:

  1. Loop Powered from the DCS for each channel
  2. Single channel, Compact and DIN Rail mounted for high density plant signals
  3. Raw buffered signal output from BNC front sockets as well as +2.5V DC for local display (DPM)
  4. Accepts most piezo accelerometer sensor types and sensitivities
  5. Dual Channel IP65 enclosure with cap sealed Time Waveform signal output at BNC sockets for FFT analysis
  6. Economic, saves additional junction box that is needed for loop powered accelerometers on site
  7. Available16 channel communications module DC to RS485 (model IRD9485)
IRD429 - Vibration Switch

The IRD429 – Vibration Switch is the simplest vibration monitoring and protection can get. It is a product that eliminates the need of having any electronics mounted in the field or control room*. The sensor body itself contains necessary electronics to set trip value and trip delay. The sensor also provide a 4-20mA output for viewing and trending of vibration in plant DCS. It is the perfect solution for plant professionals looking for an easy to use and maintain product that is quite affordable and can protect their plant assets from damage due to high vibration.