IRD429 – Vibration Switch

Vibration based condition monitoring is necessary for all rotary equipments to keep them in a healthy condition. This fact applies to all scales of industries – be it a small scale industry or a large scale industry, they all need to have some thing to monitor and protect the condition of their rotary equipments.

IRD429 is a Vibration Switch designed to meet the requirements of both small scale as well as large scale industries. It is a compact, affordable and reliable solution for Vibration based condition monitoring. It eliminates the need of additional electronics and cables as its sensor body itself has the necessary electronics to provide output and relay contacts. The switch which is externally powered provides 4-20 mA output. It also provides a relay contact for trip for tripping the machine in cases of high vibration. It is equipped with False trigger delay to prevent tripping of machine due to spurious high vibration. The trip value and the time delay can be set by rotating the rotary dial on the sensor body itself. Colour indication via LED is also available on the body itself with Green indicating healthy condition and Yellow indicating Trip.

This Vibration switch is well suited for Building Services, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Metals, Utilities, Automotive, Water, Pharmaceutical and many other industries. Contact your nearest Sales representative of IRD to know more about the switch and receive a quote for the switch.