IRD7100 – Machinery Protection Transmitters are a family of Single, Dual and Four Channel Transmitters that can measure and transmit machinery health parameters such as Vibration, Temperature, Speed and more. These transmitters are also equipped with Relays to help protect machine in conditions of high and very high vibration. These transmitters can be mounted in the field or inside a panel and are available in polycarbonate and Aluminium Die Cast enclosure options. These transmitters are Made in India by IRD Mechanalysis and have been installed at multiple locations for multiple applications around the world. Service and Support is available from IRD Mechanalysis for this product.

IRD7100 series of Machinery Protection Transmitters is available for measurement, monitoring and protection of the following parameters:

  • Casing Vibration
  • Relative Shaft Vibration
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Air Gap/Axial Thrust
  • Differential Expansion
  • Cam Valve Position
  • Eccentricity
  • Shell Expansion