System Commissioning


To help you achieve your maintenance goals, IRD Mechanalysis has developed a range of Condition Monitoring Solutions and Services that are unchallenged in the industry. Through our many programs, we can provide you with comprehensive support to make your program operational and sustainable.

Design Your Proactive Maintenance Program

IRD Mechanalysis will meet your key personnel involved in the maintenance of machinery. We will audit the types of machinery suitable for the program, and recommend the appropriate test equipment. We will also outline the training needed for your maintenance personnel.

Consulting Service for Vibration Analysis

IRD Mechanalysis manages its Consulting Services from each of its four Regional Offices (Northern – Delhi, Eastern – Kolkata, Western – Mumbai and Southern – Chennai). This enables us to provide an all India service to provide emergency assistance in solving machinery vibration and balancing problems. The service includes a written report with complete summary of data, conclusions and recommendations. Our international Consultancy Service is managed from Mumbai.

National Service Centre

All IRD Mechanalysis products carry a one year parts and labour warranty. Various levels of extended protection plans are available to suit every customer’s service needs. Fast, reliable repairs are available through our National Service Centre.

Programs are available for the following :

  • System Calibration for ISO 9000 registration.
  • Fixed Price Repair – irrespective of instrument condition. Attracts 3 months whole product warranty.
  • Exchange Unit – Offers 12 month full product warranty.
  • Standard Repair – 3 months parts warranty only. Price based on case to case basis.

For fast turn around services please use the RMA Form (Return Materials Authorisation) Download
Annual Maintenance Contracts
National Service Centre

Erection & Commissioning
Commissioning Basic Guide

Sensor Calibration Service

IRD Mechanalysis has a state of the art digital full frequency vibration calibrator system (model TransCal 455 from Beran Instruments UK). The Calibration service is open to any manufacturer of vibration sensors. All we require is the sensor specification. The IRD Sensor Calibration Service issues Test Certificates traceable to National Standards. IRD has a number of Master Sensors that are submitted to the National Physics Laboratory in UK for a full frequency annual calibration check.
Charges vary but once a repeat calibration is undertaken the cost is reduced. We are also willing to enter into a rate contract for volume calibrations. Details on the charges are available. (download)


Commissioning Services

Included in our automated software based systems, is up to five days of Commissioning training and support. A Mechanalysis Consulting Engineer will train you to use your Mechanalysis equipment, the essential steps in establishing a Predictive Maintenance Program will be reviewed, and they will assist you in implementing your program.

Product Support Services


Providing solutions to rotating machinery vibration problems

Vibration Analysis Services


Wear Particle Analysis