We are The Vibration People 

We specialize in Vibration-based Condition Monitoring 

Know our History

We provide solutions which help you manage your plant machinery. Our solutions have been in use worldwide since 1952.

Our Products

We manufacture and provide instruments and meters in order to measure and analyze Vibration of machines in plants. We have gained the trust of our customers by supplying a range of reliable products which include Vibration Meters, Vibration Sensors, Vibration Monitoring Systems and Vibration Analyzers.

Our Services

We offer a variety of Services in the field of Condition Monitoring which help you get started and ensure you keep going.

For more than 40 years we have been offering training on the subjects of Vibration Analysis, Condition Monitoring, Reliability Centered Maintenance and FMEA and have trained thousands of professionals

Our team of experts and engineers can help you solve complex vibration problems of your plant machinery. We offer this service on Single Contract or Annual Maintenance Contract basis

Our team of technicians and engineers can help in repairs, calibration and commissioning of our supplied products thereby ensuring continuity of your preventive or predictive maintenance program.

Our Clients